Ibaraki Local and Regional Food in Japan

This time I show you Ibaraki local foods.

Japan is divided into distinct geographic regions, each of which has developed its own unique food. So travelers can eat a various set of local foods as they move to various area in Japan.

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Where is Ibaraki prefecture

Ibaraki prefecture

Ibaraki prefecture places next to Tokyo. So you are easy to go there from Tokyo. Prefectural capital is Mito city.

Ibaraki regional and local food

I show you local food and product made in Ibaraki.

Furusato Milk

This is milk. Furusato-gyunyu is the milk that is made in company from Ibaraki. The company name is “Tomoe nyugyou”. “Gyunyu” means milk at Japanese language. Tomoe daily company is local company from Ibaraki.


This is one of Sushi. Kasama is city name in Ibaraki.

Shichifuku Curry Noodles

This is curry noodles.


This is simmered fishes. It’s simmered by suger and soysouce.


Natto(納豆)is fermented soybeans. Ibaraki is famous for Natto.


Hoshiimo is dried sweet potato.

How about Ibaraki regional and local food

This time I told you about Ibaraki local foods. If you come to Ibaraki prefecture, please enjoy Ibaraki local food. I hope this will help you if you come to Japan.

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