Saitama Japan Famous Food

Do you know Saitama famous food?

I share you unique food in Saitama Prefecture.


Food name:Shioanbin

Japanese signage:塩あんびん

In the region from northern to eastern Saitama Prefecture, people have been eating “Shioanbin” for a long time to celebrate the new rice harvest.


Food name:Igamanju

Japanese signage:いがまんじゅう

Igamanju is the sweet bun that bean-paste bun is rolled by red rice.

It has been passed down in northern Saitama Prefecture for a long time.

It is a lucky charm that was made during summer festivals and celebrations, and is still popular as a local flavor.

It is said to have originated from the idea of ​​putting manju in sekihan to give it a more voluminous feel because sticky rice was expensive, and it was born from the wisdom of farmers’ wives who made sekihan and manju at the same time to save time.

It is also said that the name comes from the fact that the shape wrapped in sekihan resembles a chestnut burr.

Tokorozawa Shouyu Yakisoba

Tokorozawa Syouyu Yakisoba is the local food in Tokorozawa city, Saitama prefecture. It’s soy sauce taste.

Kawagoe Futomen Yakisoba

Area:Kawagoe city, Saitama

Nikujiru Udon

Saitama is famous for Nikujiru Udon.


This is skewered pork and the local  food in Higashimatsuyama city, Saitama.